Radiant Dissent

This song reminds me of a dream I had with cookie shores, chocolate oceans and prismatic visions with limitless bouncing ability!

Found an old painting I did back in 5th grade. I was really into Sam Keith. :)

Beliefs may be the root of all of our problems and knowing through personal experience may to be the solution. To me, the physical universe in and of itself seems like a masterfully artistic lie that enables us to realize the truth of our eternal presence in the vast ocean of spiritual consciousness that permeates the whole of existence. It seems like when we realize that, we alchemically transform from the darkness of ignorance at our beginning into the light of awareness at our end and complete the journey back home which is depicted in the image above. It’s starting to become clear to me that the point of this journey may be for us to create, share and experience from a new perspective so that we have something different to bring back home with us and enjoy.

We are free beings of love, yet it’s the hardest thing for us to remember
and accept.

It’s such a shame that we have to part, lest we forget how much you mean…

It’s time to let go of Religion. The truth can only be sought when our minds are free from ideas that cause us to compromise and distort what we know to be right and wrong.

Religion sets man against man.

We all know in our hearts the correct ways to love each other, all one simply needs to do is start listening to theirs again.

We sailed through the deepest ocean
to see through the illusion
and we found ourselves in the moment
free from your spell

what’s left is your light
this tune just cannot die
what’s left inside is you
this dream just cannot die

open your heart and free your soul
because it was never enough for me
and it was never enough for you too

Loving tweakers is the sporatic blackhole wasteland of affection.

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